Dynamics of Palestine in the Coming Arab & UN Seasons – Five Perspectives


On September 14, 2011 ICMES and the National Council on U.S.-Arab Relations co-hosted a session at the International Law Institute discussing the relationship of the present and ongoing political situation in the Middle East to the upcoming United Nations decision on Palestinian statehood. How have the Arab uprisings affected–and been affected by–the Palestinian struggle? What role does both Israel and the Palestinian bid for statehood play in the context of these dynamics? What has been the US response to the situation, and what are its developing limits and possibilities? Participants included Dr. Fouzi El-Asmar (ICMES), Dr. Philip Giraldi (Council on the National Interest), author Mark Perry, and Middle East security specialist Jeffrey Steinberg. The session was chaired by ILI Chairman Prof. Don Wallace. Professor Norton Mezvinsky was the commentator.

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