Continuing the Palestinian Struggle – Part 2


by Terri Ginsberg                                                                                                                                                                            October 8, 2012

This interview with distinguished Palestinian author, activist, poet, and journalist Fouzi El-Asmar is a follow-up to one this author published in Arabisto in February 2012. There Dr. El-Asmar shared his thoughts about the Arab uprisings and the importance of culture to the Palestinian liberation movement, in the context of analyzing the problematics of Zionism, Israeli nationhood and related matters that affect the lives and well-being of Palestinians. Here Dr. El-Asmar discusses Al-Ard [The Land], a political organization he helped found in Palestine during the late 1950s but whose history and perspective have been marginalized if not largely absented from most narratives about the Palestinian liberation movement. In turn Dr. El-Asmar draws instructive connections between that political experience and relevant issues shaking the contemporary Arab and Muslim world. [read more] [see excerpt in Your Middle East] [see excerpt in Mondoweiss]