Christian Zionism Views Islam: Cultural, Theological, and Political Considerations


On October 24, 2012, ICMES, in coordination with the Council for the National Interest, co-sponsored a session on Christian Zionism and Islamophobia at the House of Representatives Visitors Center located on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. Featured speakers included: ICMES Board member Professor Fuad Sha’ban, Vice President of Yarmouk Private University in Jbab, Syria, Professor of Literature and Translation at the University of Petra in Amman, Jordan, and author of For Zion’s Sake: The Judeo-Christian Tradition in American Culture; Dr. Norton Mezvinsky, President of ICMES, co-author of Jewish Fundamentalism in Israel, and co-editor of Anti-Zionism: Analytical Reflections; and Jon Utley, Associate Publisher of The American Conservative, and Robert A. Taft Fellow for International and Constitutional Studies at the Ludwig von Mises Institute. The session was moderated by Dr. Philip Giraldi, Executive Director of the Council for the National Interest, and former CIA counter‐terrorism specialist and military intelligence officer. [press release]