“Envisioning Palestine” – Society for Cinema and Media Studies – Chicago, March 2013


ICMES Board member Terri Ginsberg chaired a panel entitled “Envisioning Palestine: Spatialization, Temporality, and the Post-colonial” at the annual Society for Cinema and Media Studies conference held March 6-10, 2013 in Chicago. The panel was organized around the idea that the cinematic representation of Palestine has received infrequent scholarly attention since the tragic events of 9/11, yet has continued to grow steadily as an area of scholarly inquiry. The panel collocated three exemplary instances of this relatively new research area which, together, enable preliminary theorization of its intellectual preoccupations. Among these were papers that examine international “terrorist” films about or allegorizing Palestine/Israel; analyze cartographic formations and representations of houses in pre-state and occupied Palestine; and theorize cinematic composition and montage as historiographic techniques which together produce critical contemporaneity-effects vis-a-vis the Israeli military transformation of the Palestinian landscape (Ginsberg’s paper).