“Towards a Theorization of Contemporary Iraqi Film and Media” – California State University, Fullerton – Los Angeles, CA, April 2013


ICMES Board member Terri Ginsberg chaired a panel entitled “Towards a Theorization of Contemporary Iraqi Film and Media” at the upcoming conference, “Iraq After Ten Years of War: Its Causes and Consequences,” that was held at the Center for Oral and Public History at California State University, Fullerton on April 18-19, 2013. Panelists included: Dr. Mona Damluji (University of California, Berkeley), who spoke about the relationship between oil politics and the history of Iraq’s first documentary filmmakers; Prof. Stefka Hristova (Michigan Technological University), whose presentation focused on the 2007 documentary The Prisoner, or How I Planned to Kill Tony Blair; Prof. Orayb Aref Najjar (Northern Illinois University), who discussed the Iraq cartoons of Brazilian artist Carlos Latuff; and Ginsberg, who offered a critical overview of contemporary Iraqi film and media studies. [read more]