The Failure of the Two-State Solution: The Prospects of One State in the Israel-Palestine Conflict


In this important and timely collection edited by Hani A. Faris and published by I. B. Tauris, articles appear by ICMES President Norton Mezvinsky (“Mobilising Israel and World Jewry for the One-State Solution”) and ICMES Board member Ghada Karmi (“Building an International Movement to Promote the One-State Solution”). The book analyzes the history of the conflict in Israel/Palestine and its numerous peace initiatives, demonstrating how the current deadlock has been reached. It argues in turn that the viability of the two-state solution seems to have run its course, and so highlights the one-state solution as an option, and debates and develops the organizational steps and strategies, on a local and international level, that would enable the construction of a bi-national state. [read more]