Dreams and Screams: Some Things You Didn’t Know about the Israel/Palestine Story


ICMES hosted a lecture by ICMES Board member Benjamin Beit-Hallahmi, Professor of Psychology (emeritus), University of Haifa, Israel. The lecture was held on Tuesday, May 15, 2018 at 4:00 PM>, at the International Law Instituteong>, 1055 Thomas Jefferson Street, Washington, D.C. Dr. Beit-Hallahmi received a Ph.D. in clinical psychology at Michigan State University in 1970, and is currently senior research associate at Trinity College, Hartford, Connecticut, USA and professor emeritus of psychology at the University of Haifa. He is the author, co-author, editor, or co-editor of nineteen books and 150 articles and chapters on the psychology of religion, social identity, and personality development. Among his best-known books are Psychological Perspectives on Religion and Religiosity (2015), Psychoanalysis and Theism (2010), Psychoanalysis, Identity, and Ideology (with John Bunzl, 2002), The Psychology of Religious Behaviour, Belief and Experience (with Michael Argyle, 1997), Psychoanalytic Studies of Religion (1996), Despair and Deliverance: Private Salvation in Contemporary Israel (1992), and Prolegomena To The Psychological Study of Religion (1989). Dr. Beit-Hallahmi’s essays on politics and history have been published in periodicals in Israel, Britain, France, and the United States. His book, The Israeli Connection, was published in 1987 by Pantheon Books, New York. The Israeli Connection has also been published in a British edition and has been translated into German, Swedish, Arabic, and Spanish. His book, Original Sins: Reflections on the History of Zionism and Israel, was published in 1992 by Pluto Press, London. A revised edition of Original Sins was published by Interlink, New York in 1993. An unauthorized Arabic translation was published by the PLO in 2001.