Faith, Community and Culture


This 3-day conference, sponsored by ICMES with the collaboration of the of University of British Columbia, Okanagan, will take place on September 9-11 at the Four Points Sheraton Hotel at Kalowna Airport in British Columbia, Canada. The conference will feature sessions on History and Cultural Traditions, Religious Identities and Modern States/Communities, Faith and Community Narratives, and atheological understandings of religious imagination. Speakers will include ICMES members Issam Saliba (Secretary), Professor Gloria Morán (University of Coruña, Spain), Don Wallace (Board Chair), and Dr. Norton Mezvinsky (President), as well as important scholars in the area of critical religion studies, including Professors David Goa (University of Alberta), Emilio González Ferrín (University of Seville, Spain), Francisco Peña (University of British Columbia), Hussein Keshani (University of British Columbia), Professor Jessica Stites More (University of British Columbai), and Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro (New York City).