Religion and State in and on the Periphery of the Contemporary Middle East: A Close Examination of Five Separate Countries


This ground-breaking ICMES book, containing a scholarly collection of essays edited by Issam M. Saliba, will compare the relationship between religion and state in five countries – Iran, Turkey, Sudan, Palestine and Mauritania – that are in or on the periphery of the Middle East. Most of the contributors to this book are indigenous scholars of the countries discussed.

This volume will consist of separate chapters, one for each of the five, designated Muslim, majority countries. Every chapter will in about eighty pages contain three essays, written by different, indigenous authors with varying perspectives and arguments, rarely heard in the West, about the development of religion and state in their respective countries. An introductory chapter, written by Ibrahim Abu-Rabi’ and Issam Saliba, will discuss the theoretical formulation of Islam and the state. The book will include an extensive bibliography and index.

This book will contribute new and valuable information to readers in the West (and elsewhere). It will also hopefully inspire further study and publication.