Fernando Jimenez, Esq.

Fernando Jimenez is a recognized expert in the area of economic cost of violence, prevention programs, terrorism, system vulnerabilities mitigation and conflict resolution. Currently he is the Director of TecnoLegal Consult LLC, which provides, among other services, international advice on legal, security, conflict resolution, public governance, money laundering and investigations.

An international lawyer, Mr. Jimenez graduated in Law at the University of Valencia (Spain). He also studied in Paris and London and earned a degree in International Law with Distinction from the City of London College, and a Degree from Birmingham University (UK).

Mr. Jimenez joined, by competitive examinations, the High Ranking of Spanish Civil Service in 1964. From 1966 to 1970, he served in the Special Commission on Technical Assistance Service of the United Nations in Europe. With special leave status, he worked as a Senior Legal Counsel for some multinationals (ITT, Unilever, Intecsa, Ford Motor Co., and Baker &Mckenzie, at Madrid Legal Offices).

During the Spanish transition to democracy, Mr. Jimenez was appointed by the Council of Ministers to various political assignments at the rank of General Director and Secretary of State (Governor of Salamanca, Governor of Oviedo, Governor of Biscaye, Governor of Alava, General Deputy Delegate of the government to the Basque Country, and General Delegate of the government in Cantabria). During his assignment in the Basque country, Mr. Jimenez was chairman of the Joint Security Commission and main coordinator of the Task Force for the Interstate Autonomy Rights Development agreements, statutory provisions and monitoring compliance in accordance with Spanish constitutional bodies.

Mr. Jimenez has participated in numerous international missions, conferences and seminars, and has received numerous awards and merits.

From 1986 to 2009, as international civil servant, he has been legal advisor to the Inter-American Development Bank (Washington, DC).