Professor Raymond William Baker

Raymond William Baker is an internationally recognized authority on the Arab and Islamic world.  The author of a series of critically acclaimed studies of Islam and Arab societies, he was designated a Carnegie Scholar in Islamic Studies for 2006–2008.  Prof. Baker’s classic study of mainstream Islam, Islam without Fear, published by Harvard University Press, was recently translated into Arabic.  His most recent book,One Islam, Many Muslim Worlds, was published in 2015.

Prof. Baker consults periodically for the U.S. State Department, Department of Defense, USAID, the Pentagon, and a variety of other government agencies and private foundations.  A past president of the International Association of Middle East Studies, he is currently a governing board member of the European-based World Congress of Middle East Studies.  He is also President of Global Partners of the International University of Iraq; a Governing Board member of the International Center for Contemporary Middle Eastern Studies, Northern Cyprus; and a founding member and currently co-chair of the International Association of Contemporary Iraqi Studies.

Prof. Baker heads the Middle East Studies Program at Trinity College, Hartford, Connecticut, and has for many years been an Adjunct Professor of Political Science at The American University in Cairo.