Professor Norton Mezvinsky

Norton Mezvinsky is a historian. He is a Distinguished University Professor, Emeritus, at Connecticut State University and is the President of the International Council for Middle East Studies, a new academic think-tank in Washington, D.C. He has written numerous published books, articles and book reviews that address certain aspects of the Arab-Israeli conflict, Zionism, Judaism and United States history. The book, Jewish Fundamentalism in Israel, which he wrote with the renowned Israeli scholar, Israel Shahak, has been translated and published in four languages in addition to English. His most recent publications are a lengthy biographical essay of David Ben-Gurion in the new, highly praised Encyclopedia of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, published by Lynne Reiner Publishers (2010), and a chapter essay entitled “The Christian Zionist View of Islam” in the new volume, Islam in the Eyes of the West, published by Routledge (2010). Two additional essays of his concerning the Jewish religious Right and Zionism are forthcoming.  He is currently writing a book on Christian Zionism.

Prof. Mezvinsky has lectured and delivered papers at conferences around the world. Continuing to do so, he has recently engaged in speaking tours in Istanbul, Damascus, and Beirut as well as Japan.

Norton Mezvinsky has been one of the most well-known, outspoken Jewish anti-Zionist advocates for five decades.  His recent speech, “The One-State Solution,” is a well thought-out case that is at once academically sound and, of course, controversial.