Professor Emilio González-Ferrín

Emilio Ferrin

Emilio González-Ferrín is Professor of Islamic Thought at the University of Seville. He is a former Staff Member of Middle Eastern Studies at St. John’s University (New York), and a Visiting Professor at both the Vancouver School of Theology (Canada) and the International University of Andalusia (Spain). Holding a doctorate in Islamic Studies, his areas of research are Euro-Arab cultural cooperation, early Islam, Al-Andalus as paradigm, Islamic modernism, and comparative religion. He is also President of the Seville-based Gordion Andalusia Foundation (East & West) and a main researcher at the Seminar on Comparative Religions, a scientific team linked to the Andalusian Research Network (Code HUM-709) in Spain.

Dr. González-Ferrín is the author of numerous scholarly publications, including Euro-Arab Dialogue (Madrid, 1997); Documents on Euro-Arab Cooperation (Seville, 1997); The Remains of the East (Seville, 1999); Islamic Modernism (Madrid, 2000); Islam: Ethics & Politics (Seville, 2001); Qur’an: The Descended Word (Oviedo, 2003); General History of al-Andalus (Cordoba, 2006; 4 editions); Setting Course to the Renaissance (Seville, 2007); Al-Andalus: Europe between East & West (Cordoba, 2011); The Anguish of Abraham: Cultural Sources of Islam (Cordoba, 2013); and When We Were Arabs (Cordoba, 2017).

From 1994-2009, Dr. González-Ferrín was Vice-Director of the University College Maese Rodrigo, and in 2018 he was Scientific Director of the World Congress for Middle Eastern Studies (WOCMES).